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Ultimate Budget Planner (Digital + Printable)

Ultimate Budget Planner (Digital + Printable)

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits of This Ultimate Bundle

✅ All in One Collection
⏳ Saves Time
🏆 Learning Opportunities
👩🏻‍🎨 Improves Creativity
🎁 Exclusive Bonuses
🤩 Lifetime Updates

Start working on your finances now, build those financial foundations and take control of your money with our Budget & Finance Planner.

This Digital Budget Planner has EVERYTHING you will need to manage your finances and keep track of your money ALL IN ONE Place.


Here’s What You’ll get:

* Hyperlinked Index Page
* At a glance
* Financial Goals
* Wishlist
* Yearly Financial Overview
* Savings Accounts Tracker
* Debt Payments Tracker
* Bank Account Tracker
* Credit Card Tracker

January to December Finances:

* Monthly Planner and Calendar (Jan - Dec)
* Monthly Budget (Jan - Dec)
* Monthly Spending (Jan - Dec)
* Monthly Reflection (Jan - Dec)

Finance Trackers:

* Income tracker
* Bill Tracker
* Expense tracker
* Sinking Funds
* Investment Tracker
* Retirement Funds
* Subscriptions
* Donation tracker
* Financial Book Tracker


* Paycheck Budget
* Weekly Budget
* BI-weekly Budget
* Budget sheet
* Christmas Budget
* Travel Budget
* New Home Budget

Savings Trackers:

* Savings Tracker
* Savings log
* Emergency Funds Tracker
* Vacation Savings Tracker
* Birthday Savings Tracker
* House Savings Tracker
* Wedding Savings Tracker
* Christmas Savings Tracker
* Car Fund Savings Tracker

Savings Challenges:

* 52 Week Challenge
* No Spend Challenge
* Savings Challenge
* 100 Cash Envelope Challenge
* ₹50,000 Savings Challenge
* ₹1 Lakh Savings Challenge
* ₹3 Lakh Savings Challenge

* 8 Custom Sections (create your own planner)
* 18 Notes Pages

Who should get this Bundle?

Ultimate Bundles for Every Skill Level!

1. For the Enthusiastic Beginner:
- Perfect for those new to crochet.
- Easy-to-follow patterns included.

2. For the Experienced Crocheter:
- Ideal for seasoned crafters seeking new challenges.

3. For Those Seeking Mastery:

- Six free mastery courses for advancing skills.
- Learn from experts and explore advanced techniques.

4. For the Organized Creative:
- Free digital planner included in every bundle.
- Stay organized, set goals, and bring creative visions to life.

5. For the Gift-Giver:
- Thoughtfully curated bundles make perfect gifts.
- Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or as a gesture of appreciation.

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